Syracuse & Noto- Saturday

Departure: Saturday

Adult price: Euro 47.00 per person

Child price up to 12 years old: Euro 23.50 per person

Duration : full day


Departure to Syracuse. The visit begins with the Neapolis archaeological park, the most characteristic part of the old Greek city (Greek theatre, Latomia del Paradiso, Ear of Dionysius, Roman amphitheatre). Afterwards, the excursion heads toward Ortigiawell-known for the ruins of the earliest Greek constructions. The greatest and most singular monument of Ortigia is the cathedral of Syracuse which rises on the highest point of the peninsula. One of the most famous spots in Ortigia is the Fountain of Arethusa, a freshwater spring forming a pool with papyrus plants, situated on a wide terrace overlooking the sea. Afterwards, visit of the ancient baroque town: Noto, one of the most important in Sicily. Return to Taormina at around 18.00 hours.




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  • Period of Validity
    from 11/05/2019 - to 12/10/2019
  • Pick-up - Sicily excursions
    7.05 Eli Hotel - 7.15 Baia Tao - 7.15 Capo dei Greci - 7.22 Let Marmista- 7.23 Let.2° Pass a Livello- 7.25 Let Delle Palme- 7.27 Let Bivio Gallodoro- 7.30 Let Antares- 7.34 Caparena- 7.37 Bay Palace- 7.40 Funivia- 7.42 La Plage- 7.50 Tao (Bus Terminal)- 7.53 Tombe Bizantine- 8.00 Capotaormina- 8.03 Corallo (Sulla Strada)- 8.07 San Giovanni- 8.12 Caesar Palace- 8.15 Recanati - 8.18 Rotonda Nike - 8.20 Sporting Baia-
  • Excursion Prices
    Adults: €47.00 Children (up to 12 years old): € 23.5 Children (0-2 year): Free