There are thousand reasons to love Taormina. Goethe discovered Taormina in the late 17th century, as he watched the ruins of the Greco-Roman theater with the snow-capped Mount Etna, that seems to come triumphant out of the crystal clear waters of the bay of Giardini Naxos.

Taormina deservedly recognized as "capital of Sicilian tourism", is considered to this day as one of the most famous resort in the world. Why you should visit Taormina? There are countless reasons, including: its long history, its monuments and its extraordinary landscape between sky and sea. On the streets of Taormina, the visitor discovers the remains of the past: from the Greek - Roman, represented by its magnificent theater where events and shows at the highest international value are organized as the Mediaval Palazzo Corvaja, the Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano, Palazzo Ciampoli, the Cathedral and the church of Santa Caterina.

Taormina, also known as the "pearl of Sicily", shows the world every day its stunning beauty and its unique charm.